May 1

Texas HCS ISS Transition Status Report

Need More Information About HCS Services or Day Habilitation?


*Updated Mar 4th2024 with more current information

As of March 1, 2023, HHSC will no longer be providing Day Habilitation through the HCS program.

A new contract with HHSC called “Independent Skills and Socialization Services” will be implemented March 1, 2023, to replace day habilitation.

Here are some key initial takeaways:

  • This is part of the HHSC DAHS (Day Activity and Health Services program) and interested parties can apply for this license while the state is setting up the Independent Skills and Socialization Services program.
  • The Independent Skills and Socialization Services program will be like the DAHS program, however HHSC is in the process of making modifications.
  • HCS providers are welcome to apply for this program, as well as other interested parties.

There is little information as they are developing this program. Of course, we are in the process of making changes so that all individuals in Above and Beyond Caring make transition smoothly. To that end, we are providing this status report of all activities to date regarding this transition period:

ISS Project Status Report 20221107


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