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what Are Professional Therapies?

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Above and Beyond Caring delivers critical professional therapies and supports to individuals with intellectual and developmental impairments by which are provided by nursing professionals, therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, and others.

How it works

Providing behavioral training for successful interactions

Above and Beyond Caring's Professional Therapies (formerly known as Specialized Therapies) are a collection of critical therapies and services we offer to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). After an evaluation by licensed or certified professional nurses, counselors, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech and language therapists, and others, the delivery of Professional Therapies is carried out.

This service provides assessment and treatment by licensed or qualified experts in the areas of nursing, counseling, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language therapy, audiology, nutritional, and behavioral supports. " Treatment is provided by licensed occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, audiologists, and nutritionists as part of the professional treatments service, which also includes training and advice for the individual's LAR or other support providers.

These therapies include, but are not limited to:

Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy helps people engage in everyday life by improving their ability to participate and/or improving the environment such that participation is more likely to take place.

Physical Therapy
Physical therapists provide treatments to help people maintain or restore their range of motion and functional capacity.

Social Services
A person receives social work services in order to improve their quality of life and help them reach their full potential.

Having an audiologist examine your ears can tell you if your hearing is normal and if it isn't, how bad it is. Hearing loss can be diagnosed by an audiologist, who then recommends and explains possible treatment options.

In order to learn about nutrition and appropriate living choices, many persons with developmental disabilities require dietary support.

Speech and Language Pathology
Speech therapy is an option for people with communication issues who want to improve their ability to communicate.

It covers emergency dental treatment, preventive dental treatment, therapy for dental problems, and orthodontic treatment.

areas we service

Serving the People of Brazoria and Galveston Counties Since 2007

Since 2007 we've provided HCS professional therapies services to our clients in Galveston and Brazoria Counties, including:

Brazoria County: Alvin, Angleton, Brazoria, Clute, Damon, Danbury, Danciger, Freeport, Lake Jackson, Liverpool, Manvel, Old Ocean, Pearland, Rosharon, Sweeny, West Columbia

Galveston County: Bacliff, Dickinson, Friendswood, Galveston, Gilchrist, High Island, Hitchcock, Kemah, La Marque, League City, Port Bolivar, Santa Fe, Texas City

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If you or someone you love is in need of Professional Therapies services in Brazoria or Galveston Counties, give us a call today to learn how we can help facilitate that for you. 

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Angleton Office and Day Hab

Address: 744 E. Henderson Road, Angleton, TX 77515
Phone: (979) 417-8735 

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