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We are a Texas Home and Community Based Services (HCS) and Day Habilitation provider serving Brazoria and Galveston Counties since 2007. Check out our site to learn how we can help you or your loved one live, grow, and thrive in their community!

What we do

We are a Texas HCS Provider and Advocate for Individuals with Physical and Intellectual Disabilities

Above and Beyond Caring is our family, a safe and secure place where friends are made for a lifetime. We strive to provide an environment for everyone to work together as a team, accomplishing goals and forging solid relationships. It is where individuals continue to acquire knowledge, meet challenges, and participate in their community. Our caring staff provide supports and services with integrity, compassion and respect for individual’s differences and choices. They promote inclusion and equitable treatment of all people, including those receiving supports, as well as to their co-workers, friends, families, and the public.  We understand it is vital for all of us to remain active and engaged. We endeavor to deliver the structure necessary to build and maintain important life skills throughout everyone’s life so that they may shine.

Why choose us?

We know you have a choice when it comes to selecting an HCS provider. Here's a few things we do a little differently that we hope will make your decision easier. 

We Focus on Community

We believe in community inclusion, and practice that philosophy every day. Our individuals are in the community making friends and thriving.

We are Purpose Driven

We believe that everyone has a purpose, and that our role is to help people achieve that purpose. We do this by establishing and accomplishing individualized goals, and recognizing the self-worth of everyone in our program. 

We Love What We Do and Have Fun!

We love to see our individuals shine! We strive to make every day in our program fun, special and unique. Life is about finding joy and feeling loved, and that is what we do every day here at Above and Beyond Caring. 

Our services

Home and Community Based Services

Home and Community Based Services (HCS) provides services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who live in their own homes or other community settings. These services are designed to help the person maintain their health, safety and welfare, while promoting independence and integration into the community.

Day Hab

HCS Day Habilitation offers a range of services and activities to help people with IDD develop skills and abilities that enable them to lead more independent and fulfilling lives. Day habilitation services may include community outings, job training and support, leisure and recreation activities, and health and wellness programs.


Residential settings in HCS include private homes, apartments, or duplexes. These settings may be family-based or individually based. In addition, there are four types of congregate living arrangements that are approved for people with IDD: (1) Residential Support Services (RSS); (2) Supported Living (SL); (3) Host Home/Companion Care (HH/CC); and (4) Own Home/Family Home (OHFH).

Care Coordination

Care coordination is a key component of the HCS program and involves working closely with the person receiving services and their family to help them achieve their individual goals. Care coordination may involve providing guidance on accessing community resources, connecting people with supports and services that are available in their area, helping to address any challenges or barriers to success, and facilitating positive communication between all members of the care team.

why we do it

We’ve been there

Above and Beyond Caring was started with the idea of providing services for families that would offer meaningful and productive day habilitation services. We knew this was important in order to give the support they needed from their HCS provider. If their loved ones had a safe and meaningful place to go during the day then the stress from caregiving would be less, resulting in a better evening at home with the family. This takes a complete knowledge of the family needs as well as the individual’s needs. Close relationships with the families, caregivers and Above and Beyond Caring is the key ingredient to our services.

We want to bring innovation

We are looking forward to offering new and innovative services for everyone in our program. Our current plans focus on expanding our program’s day habilitation goals. Not only do we want to provide meaningful day activities and community outings, but we are developing options with more choices and learning opportunities that are focused community integration. Currently we are reaching out not only to our program participants, but also to community members who live with or work with individuals 18 and up with intellectual disabilities. Our project will reach out to all members of our community who not only are challenged by the limited resources for their loved ones who want to be contributing members of society, but also to those who want to support us.

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our location

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